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How is the Campus Cards Office impacted by COVID-19?

The Campus Cards Office is currently closed until further notice. Students with an immediate need for a new ID card can email our office to request an in-person appointment. 

Please note that the Campus Cards Office cannot mail out new or replacement ID cards to any campus personnel. 

Incoming students will be unable to take a photo at our office this year. As a result, all  incoming undergraduate and graduate students must submit their ID card photo via our online Photo Tool.

I lost my card, does the Campus Cards office have it?

The Campus Cards Office will contact you via your UCSD email address if your ID card has been turned into our office. If you do not receive an email from us, then we do not have your ID card.

If you are told by another office or department on-campus that your ID card was sent to our office, but our office has not received it, the ID card could still be in transit via the inter-campus mail system. Unless you hear directly from our office that we have received your ID card, unfortunately we do not have it.

How do I replace my lost, stolen, or not working student card?

Please visit our Replace Your Card page for detailed instructions on how to replace your card for any of the below scenarios:

  • You lost your card.
  • Your card was stolen.
  • Your card doesn't work anymore.

I found my old student ID card, can I re-activate that card?

To prevent fraud, the Campus Cards Office cannot reactivate old ID cards. If you have an old ID card, you will need to surrender the old ID card to our office and purchase a new ID card for $21.00

What if I legally changed my name?

You can file a Request for Name Change (PDF) with the Registrar's Office.

  • After 3-5 business days, visit the Campus Card Office, pay the $21.00 replacement fee (map) to get a new ID Card.
  • If you lost your previous ID card, you will need to pay the $21.00 replacement fee for lost cards. 

Note: The $21.00 replacement fee applies to any student who voluntarily changes their name. 

What if I have a preferred name?

You can submit a preferred name on the new Social Identities Tool via My TritonLink. The Social Identity Tool allows students to set their preferred name and preferred personal pronouns in University records and systems. 

  • If you submit a preferred name, your legal name will no longer appear anywhere on your ID card
  • Our office cannot make these changes on the spot - you must use the Social Identities Tool prior to visiting our office to request a new ID card.
  • We also suggest contacting our office to ensure that your preferred name is reflected in our system. 
  • Students currently must pay $21 to replace an existing ID card with one which reflects their preferred name. 

When is the Campus Cards office open?

***Please check our calendar for the latest hours and updates. 

Instructions to get to our office can be found on our contact page.

You can find terms and conditions regarding campus card usage on our privacy and policies page.