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UCSD offers several loans to qualifying students and are managed by the University.

ANNOUNCEMENTEffective Monday, June 29th,  current students can find answers, request services, and get help from the Loan Administration team by going to the UC San Diego Services & Support portal. If you are a non-current student who does not have Active Directory (AD) credentials, you can contact us directly via email at
ANNOUNCEMENT: UC Student Loan Relief and COVID-19 (subject to change):
  • UC suspends interest accrual, mirroring the federal action in the CARES Act. This includes loans that are in good standing, delinquent, or in default. 
  • UC ceases turning loans over to collection until further notice. The State Franchise Tax Board has also ceased tax refund garnishment on UC loans through at least July 15, 2020.
  • UC ceases charging late fees on the same set of loans. In addition, UC would cease charging late fees on the $73M it holds in Health Resources and Services Association (HRSA) Loans.*
  • UC will apply an Administrative Forbearance (ceasing collection entirely) upon borrower request for Dream Loans, Institutional Loans, and Perkins Loans. All borrowers except HRSA borrowers who are delinquent in payments will be automatically put into forbearance. UC decided to ask students to request the forbearance if they are not delinquent on payments because doing so across the board would be a disservice to those who are not having challenges repaying their loans by introducing administrative hassles (e.g., having to reestablish electronic payments through UC's student loan servicer).
  • Borrowers will be notified via email about these actions by UC's loan servicer. 

*The other benefits outlined in this memo (e.g., ceasing interest accrual) requires federal permission for HRSA loans. 

ANNOUNCEMENTEffective Friday, March 20th, the Loan Administration Office will be closed until further notice.  We encourage everyone to practice social distancing; if you have urgent questions, please email us at .   
ANNOUNCEMENT: HHS has instructed loan servicers to take the following actions on eligible HRSA student loans we service on behalf of your school: 
  • 0% Interest Rate  HHS has instructed us to change the interest rate on your eligible HRSA loans to 0% for the period of Mar. 13, 2020, through Sept. 30, 2020. During this period, you will not be charged interest on your eligible loans. 
    • This means that any interest accrued on your eligible HRSA loans from Mar. 13, 2020 through the date of this notice, will be adjusted to 0%.  If you have made a payment from Mar. 13, 2020 to the date of this notice, your payment will be adjusted so that any interest paid that was accrued from Mar. 13, 2020 to the date of this notice will be posted to principal.  If any portion of your payment was posted to interest or fees that were accrued prior to Mar. 13, 2020, that amount will NOT be adjusted.
    • All interest accrued on your eligible HRSA loans after the date of this notice and through Sept. 30, 2020 will be calculated at 0%.
    • During this period of 0% interest, you will continue to receive a bill and your fixed monthly payment will remain the same unless you are placed on an Administrative Forbearance because your eligible HRSA loans are  greater than 31 days past due.  The full amount of your payments will be applied to principal once all of the interest and late fees that accrued prior to Mar. 13, 2020 are paid.
  • Administrative Forbearance  Borrowers who are unable to make payments on their loans due to the COVID-19 national emergency should contact ECSI to request an Administrative Forbearance to suspend payments.  Any borrower that is placed on Administrative Forbearance will have their payments suspended until Sept. 30, 2020 and can temporarily stop making payments without becoming delinquent.  Given that HHS is waiving interest for eligible HRSA loan programs through Sept. 30, 2020, interest will not accrue while these loans are in forbearance.  ECSI will cancel any scheduled auto-debit payments while your loans are in forbearance and you must reset your auto-debit payments when the forbearance period ends.
    • If your eligible HRSA loans are greater than  31 days past due, we will automatically place an Administrative Forbearance on these loans for the period of Mar. 13, 2020 through Sept. 30, 2020.  During this period, you will not be required to make monthly payments on your loans.  ECSI will cancel any scheduled auto-debit payments while your loans are in forbearance and you must reset your auto-debit payments when the forbearance period ends.
    • Although you will not be required to make monthly payments during this specific Administrative Forbearance period, you will not be penalized for making a payment that is less than the usual monthly payment and will still have the option to make payments on your eligible HRSA loans in order to make progress toward reducing the balance.
    • You may opt out of the Administrative Forbearance at any time.  If you opt out, we will remove the Administrative Forbearance and you will be required to make monthly payments. Unless you want to continue making payments through auto-debit, there is no advantage to you by opting out of the Administrative Forbearance. The 0% interest rate will remain in effect, and you will not be charged interest through Sept. 30, 2020, whether the forbearance remains in effect or not.

The Loan Administration and Collections Unit supports all aspects of the campus based loans program including general counseling, exit loan processing, and loan records and documentation management.

Click to see if your loan is part of the Campus Based Loan Program .

NOTE: Federal Direct Loans (Subsidized, Unsubsidized, Parent Plus) are awarded and managed by the Financial Aid & Scholarships Office .



What to do if you have graduated or withdrawn and have student loans

If you are a student loan borrower, federal regulation requires you to complete exit loan counseling for Campus Based Loans and Direct Loans.

You should complete exit loan counseling when you:

  • Graduate
  • Fall below half-time student status (less than six units)
  • Cancel/Withdraw from classes
  • Leave of Absence (LOA)
  • Do not attend for a quarter
  • Have a Long Term Loan Documentation (LCOD) Hold on your student account

You will receive a notification to complete your exit loan counseling

  • Please log-in to your Heartland ESCI (Campus Based Loan Servicer) account to complete. This is also the case if you have an LCOD hold on your account.
  • Please login to your Federal Student Aid (Direct Loan Servicer) account to complete.

If you do not receive an exit counseling notification:

  1. Please email to including the following information: full name, PID, personal email (non-UCSD), and phone number.
  2. Once your Exit Loan Counseling is completed, please forward ECSI email confirmation to .
  3. Upon completion and verification the LCOD hold will be removed from your account, typically within 24 hours.