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Your Student Loan Repayment Obligation


The Exit Conseling session is a mandatory requirement that provides important information so that you are better prepared to repay your student loan(s). If you have Campus-Based Loans, please complete your Exit Counseling through your Heartland ECSI account. If you have Federal Direct Loans, please complete your Exit Counseling through your Federal Student Aid account. You must complete the Exit Counseling when you separate from UCSD based on the categories below: 

  • Graduate
  • Fall below half-time student status (less than six units)
  • Cancel/Withdraw from classes
  • Not attending for a quarter
  • Leave of absence  


A student loan is a serious and important financial obligation, and you must repay your loan.

  • You are required to repay your loan(s) regardless of whether you complete your education, are able to find employment, or are satisfied with your education.

  • You must provide your loan servicer with corrections to your name, address, references, Social Security number, and driver's license information.
  • You may be able to apply for deferment, forbearance, or cancellation of your loan payments. (Refer to your promissory note.)

  • If you do not apply for deferment, forbearance, or cancellation, you must pay your loan(s) as scheduled.

To pay your bill please log into Heartland ECSI


Repayment is required according to the terms and conditions of your promissory "note/s". You must start repayment after you separate from UCSD and the grace period ends.

The grace period begins when you:

  • Graduate
  • Fall below half-time student status (less than six units)
  • Withdraw from classes
  • Do not attend for a quarter

The length of the grace period depends on the loan program:

  • Federal Direct Loan (Subsidized and Unsubsidized): Six months
  • California Dream Loan: Six months
  • Medical Alumni Loan: Six Months
  • Medical AMA-ERF Loan: Six Months 
  • Federal Perkins Loan: Nine months
  • University Loan: Nine months
  • Quon Family Loan: Nine months
  • Medical University Loan: Nine months
  • Pharmacy University Loan (PHARMA): Nine months
  • Medical Health Professions Student Loan(HPSL): Twelve months
  • Medical Loans for Disadvantaged Students(LDS): Twelve months


Is there a prepayment penalty if I choose to pay my campus based loans early?

  • You can prepay all or part of your loan(s) at any time without penalty.

  • You may be eligible to defer repayment if you go to another institution of higher education. Contact Student Financial Solutions or the University's billing agent, Heartland ECSI, (888) 549-3274.

As a borrower, you have the choice, without penalty, to prepay all or any part of the principal, plus any accrued interest thereon.

*Note: if you have Federal Direct Loan Program, please contact your Servicer. To find out who your Servicer is login to FSA.


If you accidentally made a duplicate payment on your account, please contact Heartland ECSI at (888) 549-3274 or visit If you are advised to contact the University, please email us at

When emailing our office, make sure to include Full Name, PID #, Phone Number, and Current Mailing Address. The estimated timeframe is 4-6 weeks for receiving your refund overpayment.


Feel free to e-mail us by clicking below or, give us a call at 858-822-4727 if you have additional questions.

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