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Your guide to understanding some of the more complex services our office provides. 

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Quarterly Billing Newsletter

Authorized Payer Newsletter

Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit is a means of receiving student account refunds quickly and securely. Please note that you must have a U.S. checkings or savings account to enroll. 

Protect Yourself From Online Scams

Students should always be aware and vigilant to the possibility that someone may try to scam you in an effort to take your money, your identity, or both. Please keep the following in mind: 

  • Never share your login credentials with anyone, including your friends or family members - UCSD will never ask you for your passwords
  • Only use approved payment methods to ensure proper delivery of your funds 
  • Avoid solicitations - do not respond to 3rd party offers for payment assistance of tuition and fees

Additional resources and information that can be used to protect yourself can be found below. 


SFS is responsible for processing outside agency scholarships, meaning it is not part of your financial aid package. 

These scholarships must be sent directly to our office (SFS). 

UC San Diego Student Financial Solutions
Attn: Scholarships
Student Services Center Suite 355
9500 Gilman Drive 0026
La Jolla, CA 92093-0026

Once we receive the scholarship, our office will process it, which will then generate an email to your UCSD email address that will let you know we received and processed your scholarship check. From that point, we send a report to the Financial Aid and Scholarships Office which lets them know you have a scholarship that can be posted to your account. 

The entire process from the time we receive the scholarship check to when it posted to your account typically takes 7-10 business days during peaks times, which is usually at the beginning of each quarter. During non-peak times, it can take 2-3 business days. 


UC SHIP (UC Student Health Insurance Plan)

All registered students are automatically enrolled into the UC Student Health Insurance Plan (UC SHIP).  Students who are currently covered under a private health plan and do not wish to be covered by UC SHIP may submit an online application to opt out of (waive) the UC SHIP.

Note: UC SHIP falls under the jurisdiction of Student Health Services. The information provided on this section is merely here as a reference for students. 

Credit Card Education/Information

Disclaimer: SFS does not encourage students to apply for a credit card unless you are fully aware of the responsibilities and can commit to paying off your balance in a timely manner. 

If students are interested in learning more about credit cards, and which ones can be most appropriate for college students, please review the resources on the website below. 

Credit Card Guide (via
Student Credit Card Advice & Resources (via


Find answers, request services, or get help from our team by going to the UC San Diego Services & Support portal. Click the button below if you have additional questions.