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Your guide to understanding some of the more complex services our office provides. 

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ANNOUNCEMENTEffective Monday, June 29th, current students can find answers, request services, and get help from the SFS team by going to the UC San Diego Services & Support portal. If you are a non-current student or parent who does not have Active Directory (AD) credentials, you can contact us directly via email at

2020 Student Accounts Webinars

Check out the webinar recording, presentation, and script below!

July 22nd English Student Accounts Webinar Recording

July 8th English Student Accounts Webinar Recording
Copy of Presentation (PDF)
Copy of Script

Julio 15 Grabación del Seminario Web de Cuentas Estudiantiles
Copia de la Presentación

Scholarship Opportunity

The Flywire Charitable Foundation is giving away four academic scholarships for students studying global health and medicine, and social justice. For details and eligibility requirements, please click here

To summarize: 

  • The Flywire Charitable Foundation is awarding 4 scholarships of $4500 each to UG or GRAD students majoring in either global health & medicine or social justice majors.
  • The scholarship is open to domestic or international students from any country.
  • The deadline for submissions is JULY 31st, 2020.
  • Scholarship funds will be disbursed directly to the winning students' schools.


TritonPay is an enhanced web-based application through TritonLink that students and authorized payers will use to allocate how their payments will be made. TritonPay will give users more flexibility- students and authorized payers have the ability to make partial payments, pay specific charges*, view detailed billing information, and ensure that the correct charges are paid**, helping users avoid late fees and assist them in resolving holds. 

*International wire transfers through Western Union or Flywire do not allow for selected charges. 
**Past due charges MUST be paid first.

How-To PDF's:


If you are receiving an error message when clicking "Payment Options", please clear your browser cache

If you are using Safari , please ensure your pop-up blocker is NOT enabled. A pop-up is required to see the payment window.

Authorized Payers

Learn how to authorize a parent/payer on your student account so they can view/pay your bill, receive monthly e-bill statements, contact our office and ask billing related questions, and much more!

Enrolling in Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit is a means of receiving student account refunds quickly and securely. Please note that you must have a U.S. checkings or savings account to enroll. 


TRIP, or the Triton Registration Installment Plan, is our tuition and registration monthly installment plan.  TRIP allows you to divide your tuition and registration fees into three monthly installments instead of paying the lump sum at the beginning of each quarter. Students can enroll via TritonLink and authorized payers can enroll via the Authorized Payer Portal


SFS holds include, MDET, TRIP, E-Check, Write-Off, LCOD, and LCOL. 

UC SHIP (UC Student Health Insurance Plan)

All registered students are automatically enrolled into the UC Student Health Insurance Plan (UC SHIP).  Students who are currently covered under a private health plan and do not wish to be covered by UC SHIP may submit an online application to opt out of (waive) the UC SHIP.

* Note: UC SHIP falls under the jurisdiction of Student Health Services. The information provided on this section is merely here as a reference for students.