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Third Party Billing


Sponsored students are those who are enrolled at UC San Diego, and require direct billing to an outside agency (public or private sector sponsor including: military agency, educational institution, and international embassy) for tuition and mandatory fees. 

Student Financial Solutions prepares and sends bills for tuition and mandatory fees, maintains agency and undergraduate student third-party accounts, and handles all correspondence regarding third-party agreements. 

Qualifying Third Party Agreements do not:

  • Include payments made directly to a student, or reimbursements to a student.
  • Place restrictions requiring course completion, grades, or transcripts prior to submitting payment.

Please click here for a printable infographic regarding third party sponsorship*.


The following steps must be completed at the beginning of your sponsorship period:
If we don't receive the following completed documentation your sponsor fee credit will not be posted to your account.

1. A valid Financial Guarantee (Authorization Letter) must be submitted (yearly/quarterly) via email at:

Undergraduates: ­­­



2. You will receive a Billing Authorization form via a DocuSign email within 1 week after submitting your Financial Guarantee. This contract application must be signed on a yearly basis. No sponsor fee credit will be placed on the student’s account until the Billing Authorization is signed by the student.


  • On the Tuition and Fees page, some sponsors may want this prior to issuing an authorization. Note: Rates are subject to change.
  • To waive health insurance, students may apply for the UC SHIP waiver. For more information, please contact the Student Health Insurance Office at (858) 534-2124. Note: There is a deadline line to submit your waiver application.
  • Each month go onto (updated billing statements are available the beginning of each month). If any of the items below have not been completed please contact Third Party Billing by submitting a ticket here:  or calling the Student Financial Solutions office: (858) 822-4727
  1. Confirm the tuition/student fees are charged for the new term.
  2. Confirm the sponsor fee credit has posted for the new term.
  3. Confirm the health insurance sponsor fee credit, SHIP waiver or departmental award has posted for the new term.
  4. Confirm your student account has the correct balance ($0 if fully covered)

SUBMIT YOUR DOCUMENTS via the following methods:


Undergraduate: Submit a Ticket

Graduate: Submit a Ticket


Attn: Third Party Coordinator
9500 Gilman Dr. MC 0026
La Jolla, CA 92093-0026

In Person

Deliver directly to Student Financial Solutions

Location: Student Services Center, Suite 355


(858) 822-2314 - (if faxed, please submit a ticket to the UC San Diego Services & Support portal to confirm receipt)

Current students can reach us via the UC San Diego Services & Support portal. If you are not a student or if you are not currently enrolled at UCSD, please email us at

Note: Students receiving any third party sponsorship (including VA) must report it to the Financial Aid and Scholarships Office.


Find answers, request services, or get help from our team by going to the UC San Diego Services & Support portal. Click the button below if you have additional questions.