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A New Way to Contact Student Financial Solutions (SFS) 

Student Financial Solutions transitions to the UC San Diego Services & Support portal. 

What You Need to Know

SFS is excited to be a part of the first wave of student support offices to transition to the UC San Diego Services & Support portal where students, parents, and the UCSD campus community can find answers to questions related to student billing and payments.

Finding answers to billing-related questions is now simpler than ever! Using the Knowledge Base Articles (KBAs) under the "Find Answers" section in the portal, the campus community will get access to a plethora of easy-to-read articles about SFS services. 

Current Students

Students will be able to use the UC San Diego Services & Support portal to find answers fast, easily request services, and efficiently get help from the SFS team by submitting a ticket. 

Whether it be reading a knowledge base article to learn about billing-related topics, requesting services like student account refunds or a check cancellations, or submitting a ticket to get personalized support from the SFS team, SFS hopes to support students in every way possible. 

Note: Active Directory (AD) login credentials are required to submit a ticket. 

Parents & Non-Current Students

Parents and non-current students will similarly be able to use the portal to find answers fast. However, if customized support is needed, they can get help by emailing directly. 

More Information

Services and Frequently Asked Question topics include: 

  • Help with billing and payment
  • Refund requests and financial aid disbursements
  • Third Party/VA Sponsorship payments
  • Campus Based Loan repayments
  • Student Tax documents (1098-T Form)
  • Campus ID Cards

 As part of this transition, SFS inactivated the following email addresses: 


Say goodbye to normal emailed inquiries, and check out the brand new UC San Diego Services & Support portal!