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Student Financial Solutions offers a credit card payment method. Students and authorized payers have the ability to pay fees using personal credit cards. Payments can be made via credit card through the student and authorized payer payment portals.

Please utilize the frequently asked questions below to learn more about paying with credit cards

Why do credit card transactions have a service fee?

UC San Diego has partnered with a third-party vendor, Transact, to facilitate payments made online for tuition and student account charges. Transact assesses a 2.75% nonrefundable service fee for processing credit card transactions and accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover/UnionPay, and American Express. Additionally, this 2.75% service fee applies to payments made using Apple Pay. This service fee is not paid to UC San Diego and is not refundable, regardless if the associated payment is refunded or canceled. 

To keep the processing fee cost low, paying with e-check is recommended. A $0.50 fee is applied for e-check payments. Find more information about e-check payments.

What type of credit cards are accepted for student account payments?

UC San Diego accepts VISA, MasterCard, Discover/UnionPay, American Express and Apple Pay. Credit card payments for student accounts can be made on TritonLink. Authorized payers can go to the authorized payer portal to make credit card payments. We do not accept credit card payments by telephone for security reasons. 

Can I pay in person with a credit/debit card on my student account?

No, credit card payments can only be made online through the Billing & Payment page, which is located on TritonLink.

Can I make a credit card payment over the phone?

Credit card payments are not accepted over phone. For security reasons, all online payments must be initiated by the user to ensure confidentiality of payment information. This can be done through our secure student billing portal on TritonLink or authorized payer portal.

If I make a credit card payment error, or if I cancel my payment, will my service fee be refunded?

No, the 2.75% service fee is assessed by Transact and not paid to UC San Diego. This fee is not refundable, even if the payment is made in error or cancelled.

If I pay my student account charges with a debit card, will I be assessed a service fee?

Yes, the 2.75% service fee is applied to both credit and debit card transactions. For checking account debits, please utilize the e-check payment option. There is a $0.50 service fee for e-check payments. Find more information about e-check payments.

Can I pay online without a credit card?

Yes, UC San Diego accepts e-check payments as the preferred method of online payment. By inputting your routing and checking account numbers in the payment portal, e-check electronically debits your checking account. There is a $0.50 service fee per e-check transaction. Find more information about e-check payments.

If I receive a refund for my tuition, will the service fee be included?

No, the 2.75% service fee is nonrefundable. Credit card payments must be initiated with the acknowledgment that there is no refund for the credit card processing fee as this fee is paid to the third-party vendor, Transact, not UC San Diego. Nelnet assesses the service fee for processing the original credit card transaction and therefore it is nonrefundable.

Do other colleges and universities charge a service fee for credit card transactions?

Many schools which do offer credit card payments arrange for payments to be processed through an outside vendor and have similar credit card policies. In the case where a vendor is used, payments are subject to the assessment of a service fee from the vendor. For UC San Diego, this nonrefundable fee is assessed by the vendor and is not paid to the University. Several other colleges and universities are moving toward this change or have simply chosen not to accept credit card payments.

How was the 2.75% service fee determined?

The 2.75% service fee was determined by our third-party vendor, Transact, to cover the cost of processing the credit card payment transaction, as assessed by credit card companies. The fee is not paid to UC San Diego and is nonrefundable, even if the original payment is refunded or cancelled.

Is there a service fee for using my credit card to make purchases directly at the UC San Diego Bookstore?

No, there is no service fee associated if you use your credit card at point of sale at the bookstore. However, if you elect to charge your bookstore purchases to your student account and subsequently pay your student account charges with a credit card online, you will be charged the 2.75% service fee that is associated with online credit or debit card payments.


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